type o’s    typoos


keep u in chck

let u know that u’re only human

nanabush likes to keeps us all very close

to what’s real, what’s important

she also likes it when we re-member

that nothing in this world

is perfect


it’s that


she’s in cahoots with every spell check out there

maybe that nanabush is the c.e.o

or, at least the master

mind of all the software


that changes words on purpose

yeah that must be it

nanabush just keeping us all in check

reminding us not to get big

heads and float away

popping on the scraggy treetops

crashing to the ground

only to justify

the purpose of typos


2 thoughts on “typos

    • i know right? it happens to me lots! you’d think i’d learn a lesson from it by now. it’s growing on me because it does remind me that nothing is perfect. and people who bead sometimes make one mistake in their projects to reflect this teaching. keeping us all humble 🙂


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