I don’t have cable, but I’ve got internet access and a steady flow of Netflix.

Before unlimited internet access, my budget was teetering like some amateur acrobat defying the grips of gravity. I really did try to stay within the constraints of 60 gigabytes. It wasn’t just me clicking and downloading. It’s those girls of mine. Their discoveries on the internet flourished into more than a hobby. What’s more than a hobby? They were committed. And so was I.

This is a story about chugging down a copious amount of video.

DSCF1886And it could be about a story about a story about someone who has addictive tendencies of one thing or another. In this story it is video or the watching of video. It can be seen as the protagonist and the antagonist. The role is ever-changing and reversible. Maybe, just maybe, you might find yourself here too. We are all related by the way. And this access to information is keeping us in the clique with the constant updating, hash tagging, and poking. Yes poking.

It all began with manga. Pokeman is a gateway. And so is Avatar. Don’t be fooled. We all want stories of heroes. We demand it. This explains Sailor Moon, Soul Eater, and Fruits Basket. The weirder the better. If there was a quiz of manga heroes I’m sure my girls would be considered geniuses. They’d be scholar book all-stars. Perhaps they should have their own YouTube channel, they are that charismatic and animated when it comes to a play-by-play of character development and plot points. They’ve seen so many episodes it put me in debt when I was paying per gigabyte. But who am I to squash their hobbies? Prince Diamond from Sailor Moon? Medusa Gorgon in Soul Eater? I can’t be classified as a villain. People need to like me. It’s how I roll.

Or how I scroll.

If I’ve got a break like a holiday of sorts, I can become lame as I delve into my comfy arm chair and give myself wholeheartedly to a season. Or three. If I grew hair on my face, I’d be sure to have a full grown beard by the end of my so-called holiday. I’d be considered a true fan. For a while anyhow until something better comes along. Or I run out of episodes to watch on Netflix. At that point, I will scour the internet for free tv shows and try to find the latest that won’t kill my love, my computer’s hard drive. I’ve got to be selective. I’ve got to check out the site first. If I see any ads for asian brides, how to extend my penis, or little flash animations of porn, forget it. I’m outta there. There’s a catch. Don’t fall for anything free is my motto. Unless of course it’s fry bread. That’s another gateway and for another story.

This past holiday I had to regulate myself. I had to stop and get some fresh air. Throw on some snow shoes and break a trail. But while I was watching the final season of Fringe someone else beat me to it. I didn’t even need snow shoes. The snow was so conveniently packed I walked with just my boots. And my snow shoes sit in the corner looking all depressed, screaming for attention. Just you wait, I say, I will strap you guys on again and pack down some fresh snow like nobodies business. It’s just gotta snow, I pray and put down some tobacco for good measure.

I did manage to get some reading in as well. I read three books. And I read from time to time updates on Facebook. I even posted from time to time. And I even did some messaging and very brief interactions of adding my two cents to on-line conversations. I’m not really good at it because I lose interest. And I might be just thinking about how the hell is Dexter going to get himself of this one? Or Walter? Did he really do that? That guy is turning into quite the ass. Next thing you know, I’m the one vying for attention to tell my girls updates of the latest plot developments. They don’t care but they love me so they listen anyhow.

In the end, it’s all research. I am told that in order to become a better writer you’ve got to read lots, study, and do lots of research. My research consists of copious amounts of video and try to nail dialogue and plot points. I don’t think I get it just yet. I need more time to research it more fully.


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