miigwech kina wiya! thanks everyone!

It’s been 3 years as a blogger on WordPress.com.

Thanks to all of you who’ve stopped by to visit, follow, and comment. I’ve enjoyed visiting, following, and engaging in conversation on my blog and yours.

This year, I plan on joining the NaWriPoMo again in April. I’m looking forward to it. It’s a definite challenge to write a poem a day. Last year, it helped me loosen up my poetry and have some fun. In April, who knows what’s going to happen! Who’s gonna join me?

I’m looking forward to sharing more photographs, poetry, and musings.

Hope you have some breakthroughs with your own writing and blogging.BLOG ON!!


6 thoughts on “miigwech kina wiya! thanks everyone!

  1. Miigwech for writing and reporting from the land! A poem and a short story was accepted into Yellow Medicine Review and I also got a rejection. But, ah, there was balance. I’m waiting to hear back about numerous submissions that I cranked out last month. Best wishes to you and I look forward to more of your writings and poetry!


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