remix: insects, wind, strawberries, sun – part one & part two

I’ve been spending time in the editing phase of my next collection of poetry ‘ winter, spring, summer, fall’, it’s a tentative title. I didn’t always enjoy this re-writing and re-writing time. I struggled with it, thinking ‘ no this poem is awesome. it doesn’t need any editing or re-writing.’ After spending time with my mentor, Marilyn Dumont, at the Banff Centre for the Arts and also on-line I’ve learned to enjoy this time. When you enter the editing and re-writing phase of your writing craft, you find gems, you find new ways in the telling of the story and in my case, in the poetic form. So, take those poems and spend time with them by nurturing your poem and giving energy to it by transforming your craft. I wrote this poem last year, you can take a look at the previous form. The original poem became a two part poem.

insects, wind, strawberries, sun

part one


coasting down the hillside

a summer breeze fills with sun ripe strawberries

and flows over my body in waves


under a pine tree i rest

the shade offering comfort

as insects sing a melody

effecting the rhythm of my breath

until it slows down the pumping of my heart


sweat streams down the back of my head

there is a breeze but it is too slight to make any difference

but just enough to bend the tall grasses


this glorious rhythm of insects emerges

a song with so many layers

is this the inspiration for 5.1 surround sound?


lost and lucid, and yearning

for the auto download option

and finding it wound up in memory


insects wind strawberries sun

part two


standing up on bike peddles, flexing muscles as sweat drips

the top is in my sights that i pray to reach soon

with one last push the tires roll down the other side

as i coast down the hillside behind a strawberry field

a berry breeze flows over my body

accepting this blessing, this reprieve from rising heat


there is a zephyr

enough to bend the tall grasses

glistening green waves


catch my breath and rest under a pine tree, offering shade

as a song billows

crickets chirp, frogs croak, cicadas sing electric waves unseen


the rhythm, the rhythm, the rhythm

inspires intelligence connecting to something bigger than who i think i am


am i alone in this wondering who and where they are?

are there more like me who contemplate what song they sing in unison?

as this song wouldn’t be complete without each voice

each chorus creates melody

finding myself aware of breathe, movement, moment

giving myself over to meditation, listening to this song with layer upon layer

in what seems like 5.1 surround sound

this song comes from beside, behind, beneath, above

and in this moment it feels like the rhythm,

the song has reached inside and is coming from within

is this the point of this song?

is it just this simple as to stop listen connect?

waiting for the instructions hidden in the rhythms

reminding us of who we are

and how far we are from this reality

as forgetting is a past-time

and losing touch with spirit is a madness that floats across the land

as a heat wave that drives each one seeking solace

while uncovering a moment hidden in these layers

mesmerizing, emerging, transforming



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