white pine teachings


white pine teachings



standing tall.

never asking for nothing more than to be remembered

as one of many stands


they were the first who were taken

across great channels of water


those hackers

didn’t even say those sacred words

didn’t even offer any tobacco

not even an offering of their blood



they left jagged trunks scattered across the land

they were the first to be taken


is this what happens when you stand tall

and reach for the sky?





one can go day after day without

really taking notice of street lights, lining roadsides

peering down with a cyclops eye

wires spread like roots live with electric chlorophyll

feeding the masses down below

all you need to do is just plug in


streetlights hang from trees

once part of great forests

chopped hacked bulldozed


this is what happens when you stand tall

with arms stretched out, reaching

for the sky





walking the trails at mud lake

white pines stand tall, straight

and teach me to reach for the sky

no matter what the cost


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