napowrimo is coming!!


remember last year when you wrote like crazy to upload a poem a day during napowrimo?

well it’s fast approaching…

who will join me?

will you?

i sure hope so.

hit me back if you are… it will be great to read your daily uploads!

the countdown has begun!

this year i will post a poem a day

and will try to do a combo with a photo

gzhwemindo willing! eyyyy!


9 thoughts on “napowrimo is coming!!

  1. Hopefully I’m not trying to take on too much by doing CampNaNoWriMo and NaPoWriMo at the same time, but I’m looking forward to focusing on my poetry again. I don’t seem to write as much of it as I used to.


    • last year was my first year participating, and what an experience. i was hesitant thinking, oh no, that’s quite the commitment. after a few days, i just said to myself, just write, just write, just write. it doesn’t matter if it’s crappy just do it! lol. so i did. some were crappy and some were awesome. i gave myself 15 -30 minutes to complete and upload. there was very little editing. and you could see it from all the typos! but whatever. it does get the creativity going. so caroljforrester… will you be joining me? it will be invigorating! yes that’s right.


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