napowrimo – mnookmig, in the spring – 1

happy international poetry month and nawripomo!

it’s a beautiful day outside – mino giizhaad gwaajing.

i hope that you will experience as much poetry and from many different places and voices. during this month, i will be experimenting with poetry. wish me luck! have fun writing and good luck with your poem a day too.


mnookmig – in the spring


sun beams rule

generating the kind of heat that melts ice into

puddles lining the streets, sidewalks, parking lots

makes me feel a bit uneasy

not sure if a passing car is a friend or a foe

navigating each step becomes a type of dance

contemporary at it’s best

skipping and side-stepping


the nights are bright with stars

the air frames each breath

pausing for a dramatic effect

and a slight tingling in moist nose hairs

but it’s just not cold enough to freeze

miigwech gzhwemindoo


the ice gathered overnight on the sidewalk

is thin with a crispy white surface

the kind that cracks under foot making me

wanna break all the ice at once

and leave ice shards in my wake

but i leave some patches here and there

there’s something to be said about sharing


behind the towering apartment building

there’s a sheet of ice

the kind that makes it easy for sliding across

i take a run and glide back and forth, over and over again

like i did as a kid

letting go of this idea of adulthood


giizis, the sun, is there peaking over hedges

melting the snow along the edges

the dirt soaks up the salt riddled water

turning into runny mud, splashing up behind pant legs

wishing for knee high gum boots


on the air

crows give chase

bluejays, robins, chickadees give it there all

spreading optimism

it’s contagious and for a second

i chirp


the tin buckets

hanging out in the sugar bush

are collecting the first flow of sap

it’s a spring give-away

and any moment,

the seeds

will break open

and the tree buds

will unfold


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