nawripomo – it might get weird – day 3

it’s said that ancient knowledge

is lost

is forgotten

stories etched on

great rocks, the long standing ones

memories etched in the form of




buried in the layers of sediment

and shifting landscapes

once under water

the rivers, lakes, oceans have moved

we’re not the only ones who migrate

with the ever changing earth


this is where it might get weird

because it’s also said, nothing is ever lost


once i had this dream

that star relations came to visit

us on this planet, we call home

we call earth

they call it, aki

they call us, anishnaabeg

they called out to us

to remember who we are

it’s there

right in front of our eyes

we even touched the stones

etched with codes

we just need to go deeper

into the stillness

listen to the water we carry inside


this is where it gets just a bit weird-er

because the answers are in each of us


that’s what the star relatives said

as they sashayed and moon danced

and those long standing ones



rumbled even

as the rivers, lakes, and oceans

flowed across new landscapes



i’m not sure if i believe this

it is a dream and sometimes dreams are just that

and all those ideas

are just that ideas

and all those theories

are just that theories

but what i do know

is that those




are more than we think we know

and that ancient knowledge

is way more intelligent

than what we think we know right now


although it could

be more that i’m weird

you’re weird

and we’re all weird

when we hear those ancestors

calling us from the milky way

through dream speak

waiting for us





because it’s time

the codes the ancients left for us

are there for us

just sleep on it



see what comes next


it might get weird


13 thoughts on “nawripomo – it might get weird – day 3

  1. Yes…to, ‘it might get weird’. The star people came, bearing their gifts…we welcomed them, sang their song, felt their caresses, watched them dance in the lodge and the sky. Ceremony. It was beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    • yes absolutely.nlots of stories of star nations visiting us disengaged star nations. its part of the great forgetting that we’re star nations too. thanks for commenting. have you done any writing around this as well?


      • No..but I should, eh? It was a ceremony …they were called in for guidance in these uncertain times. Beautiful. Do you have more writing about them here? Would love to find more words of these connections. Miigwetch!


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