napowrimo – miijim / food – day 5 / naawin giizhgad


i read somewhere
here in this virtual world
that indigenous people living in
south america
can’t even afford the food
that grows on their territory
in abundance
while the healthy
world wide
on quinoa
‘attributes to well-being’
says dr. oz

and here
in anishnaabe akiing
wild rice
is a luxury
as well
and this anishnaabe kwe
celebrates what little manoomin
i have
onto every

when i was
a kid
i thought
aunt jemima
was all the rage
not really knowing what i was
until i tasted
the sweet sap
given to us by maples
in abundance

has always
been traded
feeding the
while the majority
grows hungry
in their territories
where food grows
in abundance
for consumption


8 thoughts on “napowrimo – miijim / food – day 5 / naawin giizhgad

  1. I was just thinking about this, I was touring this development on the Tkamloops reserve. The houses were worth 100,000 + each, and yet, we face housing shortages. these reserves have development and still there is poverty which means the economic development in and of itself cant erase the systematic losses. so I am still not sure what the answer is, but I don’t think its commerce.
    Same with the food, hungry in our own lands. makes no sense


  2. I seem never to stop being shocked at the way capital markets take essential nutrients from Indigenous people and make them fad commodities. This is an age old issue, yet does not seem to change much over time. So enraging! and immoral.


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