napowrimo – dehminan / strawberries – daaswishiniiwin giizhgad – day fourteen



dehminan mnoging akiing

negwakmigaag gaataayhiing zhngwaakwag


minwaa mnikwe gkina niibish


kwezens gniwendang dehminan


kwezens aawzabiid


kwezens jiingnigaabwid

ndawaabid chi dehmin

kwezens gaawaadang dehminan

niw dehminan mnopwaad

nanda wiishkbipgozod

mmm… dehminan


kwezens miigechwendang


the strawberries grow well on the land

the ground is sandy around the red pines

it’s thirsty

and it drinks all the water


a little girl takes care of the strawberries

she weeds

little girl hauls water


the little girl kneels

searches around for a big strawberry

little girl longs for strawberries

those strawberries have a good taste

they are sweet

mmm…. strawberries


the little girl is thankful


* author’s note: if i made any mistakes with anishnaabemowin – the human beings language, it’s all my own. if you are fluent and you see any mistakes, please let me know. i will appreciate any comments you offer. gchi miigwech.


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