High Summer

“I’ve been thinking about the many ways that, for Indigenous people, the ecological is both spiritual and political. We arose from the land; one can say the landscape sung us into being.”

The land and water is always on my mind, thoughts, prayers, songs. And my fellow human beings, I sit here and have to wonder why so many have abandoned what makes us human – our empathy, compassion, and love (there are more positive and negative attributes but these three are some of our best qualities).

Reblogging this post from “Dreaming the World” and my fellow blogger, Michael Watson. Enjoy the read.

Dreaming the World

Teaching-RoadHeat and humidity have settled in for the week, and severe storms are rumbling around just to our south. The Air Conditioning in our office is overwhelmed and the office is steamy.  In the fields, many species of wildflowers are blooming. This is high summer in Vermont.

One of the plants that came into bloom this week is St. John’s Wort, a traditional marker of mid-summer as it is often abundant in late July. It has an extensive history of use as a medicinal plant in Europe and North America.  The milkweed and mullein are also blooming. Milkweed is the prime food for Monarch butterflies, and it’s decline in much of North America has been linked to the decimation of Monarch populations. Increasingly, we see milkweed being added to local perennial gardens.

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