what i pray for


for stillness and silence
within and outside of myself
so that i might be able to hear truth
and how truth flows in my blood
if only for a moment
i can hear the echoes of the prayers
seven generations before
i cracked the seed open


for the power we carry
within and outside of ourselves
will be used for good
if only for a moment
seven generations ahead of us
will know our truths
that paddle down the streams
of our blood traplines


for understanding of
what it means when our grandmothers say
the longest journey we will ever take
is from our heart to our brains


for balance
mental stability lies between
integrity and responsibility
and each generation that comes and goes
only catches a glimpse of the intentions
set long ago


for the crazy makers
for the windigos
will come back to their human forms


that it’s not too late
to wake up
from these dreams that are becoming reality


for love
unfolding from seeds
planted long ago
springing to life under foot
guiding us to the memories
we carry within
if only for a moment we can grasp

the intentions of this life


6 thoughts on “what i pray for

  1. I really enjoyed this poem. Very powerful, very profound! Isn’t that what we all pray for – peace, balance, love, within and around us? yes, indeed.


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