sitting on the beach

the photo        hangs
on a crooked nail      nailed into the plastered wall
there’s this toddler of a girl sitting on the beach
brown sand matches her wobbly legs
hands hold onto her walking shoes

there’s a smile        emerging
ready to fly from the photo paper
that old seventies stock with muted colors

is she smiling            saying cheese
is she happy             there on the beach on sunny autumn day

those eyes
those brown eyes glitter
the only time you see that kind a glitter           twinkle
is when someone loves another

so she loves               whoever is taking the picture
so she loves               her white walking shoes
so she loves               this moment when nothing else matters only her on the beach, only her and her father on the beach, only her on the beach with her father and her white walking shoes, only her sitting on the brown sandy beach under an autumn sun holding onto her favourite shoes while her father takes this picture

this picture of me smiling
in love with a hero that i call dad

the picture hangs
onto a memory
reminding me to hang on it


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