nimiigwechwindam – gratitude

There’s this challenge going around to publicly share what you’re grateful for. I missed writing and posting these last few days because I’m a bit of a rebel that way. Sometimes I just don’t like those kinds of nominations.

Sometimes I just don’t like conforming
like I’m more of a star shape being forced into a square shape
And I’m grateful for that

There are other things I’m grateful for like
the way dew hangs on a flower petal all morning,
glistening in the rays of sunshine
the way a hummingbird sounds more like buzzing and zooming,
and I only catch glimpses that remind me of the mystery
where sasquatch lives on the periphery of this world

and when I think of this I burst with gratitude because it reminds me
there’s more to this world than what is seen
It’s the unseen that makes me more grateful to be alive
that there’s no way that I will ever know everything
and I’m grateful to be okay with that

The water that flows down stream
The water that cascades down cliffs
The water that gathers and pushes against beaver dams
The water that trickles in the creeks running from great lakes
The water that fills my cup and gives me life
I am grateful

In the morning the seagulls are busy in the field digging up and messing up the garbage. They are loud and obnoxious. They stay true to their calling. Who needs an alarm clock when you have a flock of seagulls as neighbors?

yet I find a way to be grateful for their beauty
that they and only they can hold that beauty in this world
and if I can find gratitude in that
I can find beauty in everything that I see, hear, touch, taste…
and be grateful

The cicadas
I can never see yet I feel their presence
when they release that electric buzz breaking
through the heat of a mid-summer day
I am grateful for that wonderful sound
as it reminds me of the gift of being able to hear
and it makes me to take note
of all the sounds around me and relish
in the beauty created by life itself

The ripening raspberries
that hang on branches that bend with the weight
I am grateful for what’s to come.
The sweetness of life and what it means
to have patience. Sometimes the best thing is
patience as it brings joy and makes a happy tummy

The flint
that grows on beds under a great lake
shielding the spark within
I am grateful for the science behind the rock
and the knowing
that with a little help from another rock and tinder fungus
that I can make a fire just how
my ancestors have done before me

When I think of my ancestors
I am reminded of the knowledge they acquired
through the many lifetimes
and how it’s been preserved so that I may learn as well
like the sap that we gather in the spring to make maple syrup
like the bark we strip from white birches to make baskets, canoes, art
like the rice that grows on water
will always remind each of us of the prophecies
and when we cook it, the smell fills the air and fills our lungs,
we know something more because it’s waking us up

there’s much gratitude in this knowing and learning and observing. and the simple fact that I may not be able to learn everything but the knowing that there are other’s just like me who will do these things is an amazing act of love

when I was looking for the word for gratitude in ojibwe on the internet and was able to find it filled me with not only gratitude but with hope because our language is not lost. It’s there being documented, shared, learned in this cyber trapline

the time I learned how to write, read, listen, feel, think and make sense of it all and not only to understand but to be brave enough to bring it all together into sentences

I am forever grateful to be able to wake up everyday and know that we are all given a power and a gift to use to help our families and communities. It’s up to each of us to wake up to this gift, carry it, tend to it, nourish and nurture it

my daughters would not be here without their father so I have much gratitude for him, his family and his Cree community. I would not be here without my mother, my father, my grandparents, my greatgrandparents and on and on down the ancestral line reaching right back to the big bang

my family who is scattered everywhere and I have many memories that I am grateful for having

my friends who’ve I met on this journey so far have helped me become more aware of the person that I am and I am grateful for the laughter, the danger, the surprises, the tears, the help I’ve had along the way

The gratitude is in the making
with each breath we all have the choice to find the beauty
and I find beauty here on wordpress too
when I scroll scroll scroll reading all these posts



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