truth from forest

forest’s mom was right when she said
life is like a box of chocolates

when you go right
instead of left

when you leave
instead of staying

when you ignore that tug in the belly
instead of listening to those ancestors’ warning

forest’s mom says,
you never know what you’re gonna get
the variables are one too many
part of me just wants to gobble every
single one of those chocolates despite the warnings
throwing this wise woman’s caution to the four winds
and let it swirl around me

the other part of me,
the one who’s always been told to listen to those old people
gets it,
wants to listen to the stories
how to get to a ripe old age
how to earn every silver hair, every line
how to accept those ulcers and invasive tumors
some of those stories come with a price
the variables are tested and true

the part of me that counts the most
is the one who takes the time selecting
which one of those chocolates
will bring the best memories


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