first thought in the morning

Do you have random thoughts upon waking? Is it odd or a reminder of what you got to do?

There are times when I wake up and it’s a nagging thought to take out the garbage or some other domestic chore. Laying there all snuggled up I will go through each chore and get myself pumped up to get it done. It’s a usual Saturday morning.

Until this morning.

My imagination was having fun with me. Maybe it was because the day before I mentioned our Anishnaabe beloved hero and that soon we can say their name and tell those fantastic stories once again. Could it be that my deepest thoughts went out into the Milky Way and tickled them and in return they sent me an odd scenario?


Today in malls everywhere across this glorious land, children will gather with their mas and pas, and quite possibly with grammas and papas, aunties and uncles, and line up to wait for the arrival of Santa Claus. Children will be dressed in their town clothes, slicked hair and all braided up. Parents will usher them in line-ups that snake around the halls. Elves will do their best entertaining to keep everyone in high spirits.

Except outside, it’s a different story.

This morning women were protesting down at the neighborhood mall. They were lined up one after another with placards. They were chanting and waving their hands in the air. Anger flashed in their eyes. They stood in solidarity.

When I approached one woman whom I will call Holly and asked her what’s up she said, “I’m tired of the inequality and the sex discrimination during the holidays.”

I pushed a little because I had no idea what she was talking about. Was there something that I just didn’t get?

“Yes, you don’t get it. Have you not noticed that Santa is always a man?”

I nodded. In every book I read I’m pretty sure Santa was a man. With a wife that looked like him except the boobs and the rosy cheeks. Although he had some pretty amazing man boobs going on. The look on my face must have told her that I was confused. Heck, it didn’t take much with the stories I read as a child.

“Look at it this way. Who actually goes out to buy all the presents? How many moms do all the shopping? And what about all the single moms are out there?” Holly’s voice was raising with every syllable.  “I think women should be allowed to dress up as Santa and GET PAID.”

All the women cheered, ho ho ho, ho ho ho, ho ho ho. They were stomping their feet and ringing their bells. One even had a reindeer. It was a blow up but you have to give her credit. The nose even glowed. All the women were dressed in the traditional Santa suits.

They kept chanting, “Call me Claus, Call me Claus. I’m the real deal, I’m the real deal. Ho ho ho, ho ho ho.” Until of course, mall security came out following Santa Claus.

“Ladies, ladies, ladies. What’s the problem here?” Santa asked. “The kids inside are getting antsy. They are asking their moms if they are the real Santa Claus. Come on,  can’t you…”

“Call me Claus. Call me Claus. I’m the real deal. I’m the real deal. Ho ho ho, ho ho ho.”

The mall Santa pulled up his red pants and retorted, “Ho Ho Ho, Ho Ho Ho.” Ringing his bell even louder.

At this point, I realize that this protest is gonna last a while. So, I back away one step at a time.

Blocks away the bells were ringing and the ho ho hos were reaching new levels.

For me, I knew long time ago that my mom was the real deal. Miigwech mama.


That’s my early Saturday morning thought for the day. I think ___________________ is getting closer and closer.


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