niizh zoogpo haiku poems


the snow comes in drifts

tracks melt down to asphalt path

reveals lone walkers


snow builds a wall up

between me and creek below

beckons, come melt me


2 thoughts on “niizh zoogpo haiku poems

  1. I just discovered this site a few weeks ago. I didn’t realize you had so much writing on here, I’m amazed! You’re so incredibly talented, Vera, your writing really moves me. Miigwetch for being you and for all that you do.


    • miigwech liz 😀 i’ve been off for the past few weeks. and i need to get back to writing. i didn’t know you had a blog. right on. i will check it out! i’m glad that you’re enjoying the blog. i love it. i’ve changed the templates many times. i’m happy with the one i have now. it’s good. and big writing for easy reading. happy new year!


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