giishkaadin akiing


the water flows
the snow falls
the land breathes

it’s gonna take a while for the water to freeze over
giishkaadin akiing

when i find myself at the water’s edge, searching for thin sheets of ice to crack under my feet. i’m hungry for that sound and how it echos in the air around me. i’m not sure why i like it so much. i just do. i don’t question it because if i do, i’m not sure if the answer would satisfy me.

i’m waiting for the ground to freeze
the ice to form
the land will call me to come play
it sees me as that little girl who loves the ice and snow
and i don’t correct the land

i’m waiting for my friend to play with me once again
building forts and snow monkeys
listening to the snow falling
the quiet surrender of the land

winter is there peaking around the corner
it will tip toe in
sneak up and tap me on the shoulder
we will climb up to the stars
fall together from the sky
in our favourite geometric shapes
over and over again
re-inventing ourselves in each flake


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