mino miigwechwendam to all my friends south of us.

if ever i become displaced and in need of shelter, food, and hospitality i pray that i meet people as kind as the ancestors from the southern hemisphere who offered just that to the first boat people who landed on the shores in 1492. and if this were to happen i pray that i have learned from this history to be truly grateful for the generosity of the gentle people i’ve encountered and assimilate into their culture and society knowing that i owe my survival to them and it would take my entire life and my future generations lives to repay such kindness.


Dreaming the World

Autumn PathAs I write, the season’s first snow is falling in the November night. It is cold and the streets are empty. Downstairs, Jennie is cooking for tomorrows feast. I’m taking a few minutes to write as tomorrow promises to be very busy, being Thanksgiving Day here in the US. Given the news this week from around the country, it will be a troubled day for many. Thanksgiving Day itself has a troubled history, or rather multiple histories. Yet we continue to gather with family and friends on the last Thursday in November to celebrate the harvest and express gratitude to the Creator.

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