enter the web

Walking through a forest takes skill and coordination especially where spiderwebs are concerned. As a kid I just ran through the forest with no care. I’d trip over the roots that reached out for my foot, pulling me down to the earth. Falling and scraping knees was part of my human development. Scar tissue is there to remind me of all the good times I had. But running through the spiderwebs that tethered across from tree branches? It reminded me of every horror movie I dared to watch. Although come to think of it those were cobwebs in those scary dark hallways and corners. Spiderwebs/cobwebs – it’s the same thing, isn’t it? Well if you wanna get technical. There is a difference but this has nothing to do about that.

IMG_4597It’s about being immersed in the natural world. It’s about noticing that there’s purpose in everything. For me, if I notice the spiderwebs first before I head face first into them, there’s a sense of wonder. I know this spider just did what it’s suppose to do. It’s following some innate common sense, inherent trapping and hunting skills, and where science meets art. Especially when the sun peeks through the leaves and falls unto the silky threads. Or in the early morning and dew clings. Or when bugs are stuck on the web. Well, that’s not the prettiest but that’s why webs exist.

The other day I went for a stroll in a neighborhood park. I’m always on the look out for spiders. I’ve had one too many head on collisions that made me do this crazy jumping dance where I stomped around with exaggerated hand and arm movements swiping away everywhere across my body, searching desperately to impair my enemy from further assault. That’s really harsh way to put it but that’s when I was going through my arachnaphobia phase. Like other phobias, we have to meet our fear head on.IMG_4668

Now I take time and watch spiders. It’s pretty amazing to see the web come out of their ass and make these intricate and geometric designs. It takes a while for a spider to complete their trampoline of death but when it’s done, man, it’s incredible… to witness – from a safe distance with an option to zoom in and set camera to micro lens.

I’m happy to report that no spiders were injured on this walk. I can’t say that for the bugs but there is a natural order in the world. I’m also happy that I live in part of the world where venomous spiders are highly unlikely unless you go to some exhibit, and spiders don’t get that big. The only ones I have to worry about are the friendly daddy-long leg ones – who hatch little ones by the tens. But they eat the bugs we don’t want around so it’s a win-win. This is part of the new order that I am getting accustomed too.


Here’s one more for the road. This guy is just a bit shy but I’m sure his prey doesn’t think so. Peace everyone. I know, it’s been a while.

* Please note I’m not sure if the thread actually comes from a spider’s ass but it does look like it does. If you have any technical terms to send my way, I welcome the terminology.


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