the blue one, the pointy nosed one, the beautiful one










turquoise blue brings out the best of this polished body
like a gymnast whose body extends in the open air
an aerodynamic feat. as if gravity
was indeed for the weak











here, all this time i was in the dark
not knowing there were others with
pointy noses made just for poking
the delicate folds
of an unspecified shade of a pink
that’s almost purple

or the other way around

first, i thought he was a mosquito
later, i just wasn’t sure
now, he’s the pointy nosed one



















long ago, it was one of those nights:
the kind that inspire stories made to send shivers;
hair to stand
straight at attention.

trees that walked across the land
during the wane of the full moon
where energy was dispersed to the world
below the roots inched in the loose earth
limbs were freed, flowed in the wind

what seemed like hours, passed in slow breaths
as the first beams of light shone through
limbs reached for one last embrace


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