shadows, death, and growth



I go for these walks on the daily. Sometimes I’ve got the tunes plugged in and in my own world as a my pace picks up. Other times I meander and soak in everything around me. Now that spring is unfolding around us so is the promise of new growth. Life is regenerating around us. The greens are brighter and bolder. The shadows even look different the way it falls across the land, or pavement. The sun is closer to this part of the earth and creates more defined shadows. The first flowers are striking against the decay left over from winter. The dead plants still stand surrounded by the new growth. The land is a true contrary showing in plain view how to coexist with death and life. The new seeds fly on any gust of wind or slight breeze. The seeds fall wherever and with no set plan. Or is this true freedom? If it takes root somewhere then it serves its purpose. If it doesn’t no worries there’s millions of other seeds willing to fulfill that collective purpose. There’s so many things to think about, ponder and wonder about when spring is upon us.


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