national aboriginal history month…

national aboriginal history month…

now that’s a mouthful.

vera wabegijig. odemin giizis. 2016

Starting June 1 in the month of Ode’min Giizis there will be a diverse range of posts of the history of Aboriginal people in Canada. I prefer the word Indigenous and have for quite some time. I wouldn’t say since time immemorial because that’s just cliche. Can’t have any of that now. I invite you to celebrate the lives of Indigenous Peoples the world over. Why Celebrate? Because we’re still here!

still here by steven paul judd

still here. street art by indigenous artist: steven paul judd from oklahoma 

We’re still kicking around, speaking Indigenous languages, practicing Indigenous ceremonies, just being Indigenous and being proud of our heritage is something to celebrate. Heck, being able to eat manoomin/wild rice is now a luxury when my anishnaabeg ancestors danced on those grains for survival. I wonder how my relations in the south feel about their ancestral food, quinoa?

During National Aboriginal History Month, I will bring to you the best in Indigenous Arts, Indigenous languages, Indigenous foods, Indigenous comedy, Indigenous philosophies, and Indigenous Love. It’s the reason why we’re here. Indigenous peoples love love, and love everything about being Indigenous. It’s time to celebrate how amazing and how intelligent our ancestors are because let’s face it, they are with us every step of the way.

I will end this post with one of my favourite anishnaabemowin root words, ode. Oh, Ode’min Giizis, how I love this month. Ode means heart in anishnaabemowin. And from this root word comes so many words that associate with our hearts and many teachings about love, forgiveness, reconciliation, and hope.

ode + min = ode’min / heart berry aka strawberry

ode + min + giizis = ode’min giizis / heart berry aka strawberry month

ode + wegan = dewegan / heart instrument – in other words, a drum

(o)debwe / to speak from the heart

(o)debwewin / truth – one of the seven ancestral anishnaabeg teachings

ode + toon = heart of the people aka village, town, city (a place where people gather)

That’s all for now. Baamaa pii kina wiya / see ya later peeps


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