gishpin, eta



indigenous  revival

it’s all about survival

from below we follow cyber trails

uplink to the milky way via smoke trails

downlink from star relations like the good ol’ days

hashtag the shit outta aking

like it’s only the land that needs saving.

it’s really just us #ohthehumanity

#becauseits2016 and we are indigenous


what? is that a duck-lipped ndn selfie?

yep, i guess so.

and that’s how our spirits flow

to infinity and beyond

that one hundred and eight like


debwewin becomes debwe

ode becomes debwewin

debwe, ode, dewagan


it’s our hearts that make the beat…


…throw back to skinning rabbits

gishpin eta, if only


…throwing back handfuls of blueberries

gishpin eta, if only

…if only we remember who we are

aanikoobijiganag aabaakawiig

ancestors revive

standing tall among us

maamwi, we follow the beat

gishpin eta,

if only

(‘it’s our hearts that make the beat’ comes from a lyric from a twenty one pilots song, holding onto you. it’s a line that resonates with me and fits perfectly into this poem. niin ode maanda. i heart that.)


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