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There’s some great Artist programs at Banff Centre for the Arts with some deadlines as early as next week. If progressing as an Artist is a goal this year, maybe these will be of interest to you, or perhaps someone you know. There are some programs with full scholarships, and also partial ones. The website has links to funding sources specifically to Artists nationally and internationally, which are also worth checking into to see what’s available to Artists.
Future Narratives: Contemporary Indigenous Artistic Practice
Thinking Canada beyond Colonialism
Lead Faculty: Wanda Nanabush
Banff Centre for the Arts
Deadline – January 11, 2017
Residency Dates April 03April 15, 2017
Arrive April 02, 2017
Depart April 16, 2017


“Art is our great imagining. Politics does what is here, concrete, in front of us. Art takes us in to the future.” –Wanda Nanibush

This intensive residency offers space for Indigenous and non-Indigenous writers and artists to discuss what the ‘future narratives’ of the country now called Canada may be as influenced by the wisdom and knowledge  of Indigenous contemporary thought and artistic practice. This national project is reaching 150 years and it is time to ask what future does it have based on where it has gone. How does this land’s much older history influence its future? How can art dream this future? What stories will open up a new future beyond national colonialism? As we approach 150 what is the vision for what those stories are and how they can be told and supported going forward. Read more visit site.

Deadline is next week   o_O

Good luck with your applications!



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