bimaagime gchi ziibing / snowshoes along the great big river (ottawa river)

img_5596For a while the snow was a bit too crusty for the snowshoes to get a grip on. I was really hoping for some fresh snow. On the weather network, it was bragging about snow squalls coming to the Ottawa Valley. I grabbed my backpack with the snowshoes already packed and ready to go then headed down the street. I feel rather lucky to live five minutes away from the Gchi Ziibii / the great big river aka the Ottawa River. Just call me lucky nish.

There’s this park bench on the trail where everyone stops to have a smoke or a toke, takes a break or a breather, has a bite or a swig, and this is where I stop to strap on my snowshoes. I felt a bit silly as there wasn’t really that much snow but you know what? There wasn’t anyone around. Except a black squirrel clicking or maybe laughing at me. When I walked with the snowshoes on, I didn’t really need them as the snow was packed on the trail by all the walkers (not those kind of walkers!). So, I got off the trail a bit and walked where no one walked before.


yes, someone left their boat in the river o_O

The clouds were shifting from white and fluffy to grey and hanging low as if one could just reach up and touch it. The air changed. It became dense. The air was crisp and smelled fresh. When I looked across gchi ziibii there was a bright white line on the horizon.img_5598

Aylmer, Quebec sits across the river and I watched it disappear as dark clouds followed a frozen current. img_5613I looked at the clock on my camera and timed the storm. The wind picked up. It looked like fog rolling in. Between the ice and the sky, it was all white and it really did roll. I heard the cars passing by in the distance and the birds chattering away. The snow fog seemed an arm length away. The quiet fell all around me. The silence was the best thing I ever heard that day. There’s something about being outside while it’s snowing that really feels like peace. It gives you a moment to listen and hear your own breathe and heart beating. It’s just so lovely.


yes, that’s duck tracks in the middle of winter. lol

Hope you’re enjoying the last bit of winter. I saw some black squirrels last week all in a frenzy and you know what that means. Spring will be here soon. How long does it take for a squirrel to give birth? Anyone? lol.

Miigwech for reading!


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