Rabbit 21: The Indigenous Issue – call for submissions

A fellow poet, Pearl Pirie sent this call for submissions to me the other day. I’d like to share with you as well. I’m a big supporter of emerging Indigenous writers. I celebrate new voices and always say, there’s room for more stories, poems, and creativity! This world keeps filling with stories and constantly evolves with technology.

If you want to get serious about writing then: write a bit each day; read writers that inspire you; read interviews with writers who inspire you; listen to the many podcasts that feature writers talking about their craft; and, put yourself out there by submitting to publications. The latter is important if you want to apply for grants as a jury will look at your artist resume and see your publication history. They will see passion and commitment, and want to support your practice. One last suggestion: always edit, edit, edit your writing. It becomes part of your writer’s craft and like your mama says, practice makes perfect. Lol. However, don’t go for perfection, go for getting better at finding your writer’s voice as that’s what makes us uniques as a writer. Happy writing! Miigwech for reading 🙂


pencil shavings from writing all day, err day

RABBIT is currently accepting submissions of nonfiction poems for Issue 21: The Indigenous Issue, guest edited by Alison Whittaker. Alison is a Gomeroi woman from Gunnedah and Tamworth, north-western New South Wales, Australia, and the author of the stunning poetry collection Lemons in the Chicken Wire. For this issue of Rabbit, we are open to submissions by indigenous poets from any territory across the world.

Send 1 to 3 poems (short or long) through Rabbit’s submittable site. Please include in the cover letter of your submission:
• full contact details (postal address, email)
• 50-word bio, including brief details of your indigenous community, affiliation and/or nationhood
• a short (50-word max.) response to the following question: ‘How can poetry make community?’


RABBIT is a journal of nonfiction poetry. If you are concerned that your take on the ‘real world’ is slightly abstract, don’t worry–include a line or two to tell us why you categorise your poem as ‘nonfiction.’ We are very much open to poetry experiments!

RABBIT also publishes book reviews, essays and interviews with poets. The editors regularly solicit this material, but are open to expressions of interest. Please send an email to rabbitpoetry@hotmail.com, or see the website at rabbitpoetry.com


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