ni miigwechwendam | i am thankful

I’m excited to share some new resources for you. I’ve been looking for audio and visual programs, and I found a few that are most useful. I heard about this fabulous kwe, Helen Roy, who has a You Tube channel with David Fuhst. She also has a website to visit as well. She’s pretty amazing maaba kwe. She’s translated some country songs like this one by Hank Williams into anishnaabemowin, which is pretty cool!

Mii dash, David Fuhst produced a video, The Anishnaabe Natural Scientists along with Helen Roy, which describes the ancestral knowledge of the Anishnaabeg. My language learning has just made a big leap by watching this video because it describes all the sounds you hear in the language which relates to the inner world, the outer world, biology, and science of life. If you’re interested in learning about this history of Anishnaabeg, I encourage you to watch the video.

ni miigwechwendam

i am thankful

There’s also a few other video channels that I’ve checked out that you can do as well. Hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend. Nahow, bamaapii ga waabin kina wiya!

Here’s a list to check out:

Wesiinyag – Anishinaabemowin Karaoke Song!
Anishinaabemowin Alphabet
Emotions video for use in a pilot Ojibwe Children’s show
Clans19May15Pt 1ACorbiere


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