night swim #napowrimo2017

each night, i reach with my hands angled to the night sky
my knees bend and release as it catapults me up, up
up into the night sky
i splash into the atmosphere
ripples spread across this untouchable place

each night, i float in the night sky
back stroke crossing the dimensions
of time, there’s no place like home
i see the waters hugging the land below
i see the land reaching for me as mountains bend in warrior’s pose

each night, the atmosphere holds my body up, up
up with the songs, words, breath gathered
from many life times, it is constant always
reliving, reviving, realizing life
rebuilds civilizations from beaver dams to ant hills
from this perspective all life is intertwined

each night, the earth rotates faster than expected
as the sunlight arcs around the sphere
enlightening the darkness
the light envelops the earth
without concern for borders or ownership
to the sun all is deserving of it’s magnificence

each night turns to day
as eyelids flutter open
like a flower in bloom


keep writing. keep dreaming. 🙂


6 thoughts on “night swim #napowrimo2017

  1. I thought I sent in a paragraph. This poem reminded me of a magic , midnight backstroke under the early autumn skies. I felt like I was flying.

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  2. I absolutely love this. It reminds me of my favourite time ever swimming. Doing the backstroke at Midnight on Lac Lapeche. Felt like I was flying in the stars. My parents actually had a beach but I could only swim in spring or late in September. The water gave me ear infections. I have swam more in 3 years in Ottawa than the prvious 60. I am working on a visual response to your poem.

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