back on the rez – experimental poems #napowrimo2017


what the auntys say back on the rez

the rez sisters are

legends from the forest

dancing on our turtles back


    bone light

                prayer song

                                   indians don’t cry

                                          this is my homeland

                                           speaking my truth

                                              crazy brave

                                               earth matters

                                                  back on the rez

                                                   ojibway ceremonies

                                                      as long as the rivers flow


what the auntys say:

                                      whispering in the shadows


                                      back on the rez

                                      indians don’t cry

                                      as long as the rivers flow


crazy brave.

whispering in the shadows,

say my name

back on the rez,

speaking my truth.

what the auntys say,

as long as the rivers flow.

back on the rez,

love is a mix tape.


List of (mostly) Indigenous Authors used for this poetry experimentation:

Back on the Rez by Brian Maracle

As Long as the Rivers Flow by James Bartleman

The Rez Sisters by Tomson Highway

what the auntys say by Sharron Proulx-Turner

whispering in the shadows by Jeannette Armstrong

Crazy Brave by Joy Harjo

Indians Don’t Cry by George Kenny

Legacy by Waubgeshig Rice

Ojibway Ceremonies by Basil Johnston

Prayer Song by Gordon Bruyere

Bone Light by Orlando White

Dancing on Our Turtle’s Back by LeAnne Simpson

Legends from the Forest by Fiddler and Stevens

This Is My Homeland edited by Lorraine Rekmans, Keith Lewis and Anabel Dwyer

Speaking My Truth | Reflections on Reconciliation & Residential Schools | Aboriginal Healing Foundation

Say My Name by Linda Rogers

Love is a Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield

earth matters

keep writing, keep dreaming, keep experimenting!


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