sand castles, moats, and beached captives #napowrimo2017

a moat surrounds a kid-made island
homes for our captives
young maidens are up-cycled popsicle sticks
with yellowing sea grass
and bound with dandelion weeds

the wind blows from the unforgiving ocean
the sky darkens with clouds forming a solid line
that descends upon us with waves
curls into twenty feet walls
of waving water, a possible way out,
as destruction also carries freedom

those captives conjured a make-shift raft from
an empty timmies cup, jumping in it for safety
as the waves come one after the other

my neechee is over there
on the shore
pushing the water
over and over,
creating a tsunami that lake erie
has never seen before
a distant rumbling distracts me then her

we head to our blankets spread out across the white sand
pull out sandwiches from brown lunch bags
the peanut butter is warm and fluid
it runs down my arm, i slurp it up
i lick it before it drips
as the butter drops my friend giggles
an explosion of high pitched laughter
echoes across the calm water
as the timmies cup floats away

we call out,
come back, come back
as we shake our fists into the air
you’re free this time
pretending to shoot arrows
we give chase in the shallow water

keep pretending, keep imaging, keep writing


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