lucky nish poop shirt

walking down bayshore
drive, more like tripping
on cracks and potholes, something wet
falls from the sky. a beautiful
white bird with black edges
flies across a cloudless sky.
a bird i haven’t seen at all
when the ground was covered
with sparkling snow decides to drop
a bomb, a bomb drops
splatters down my flowing shirt
this bird’s mission was quite on target
i kept trip-walking down
bayshore drive
as drivers spy the poop’s
perfect pattern
my daughter laughs
then gags at the stench wafting
all around us, our walkabout
parade my lucky nish poop shirt

keep laughing, keep walking, keep writing




2 thoughts on “lucky nish poop shirt

  1. We had a little shed we stored bottles in when I was a child. My parents bought our Christmas gifts with the money from the Americans drinking. Onerous day I was carrying a case in and a scared bird flew towards my face. I was afraid of birds and opened my mouth to holler.. The bird bomber into my mouth. Though it was a swallow I spit instead. I should have ducked

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