bannock magic

bannock blast from the past… also it’s national aboriginal history month!

wild rice dreams

Over the years, I learned from the best. Back in the mid-90s when I landed in Okanagon Territory,  a friend of mine made some really amazing bannock.  What made it so amazing? I had to find out. Now, you might not know this but some people are secretive about their recipe and it’s locked behind generations and generations of the tight-lipped. You might need some lard to grease those lips.

My friend, now has a PhD in Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights, gave me one tip that helped me on my way. That tip was to sift all the dry ingredients. It makes sense. All the cool kids sift.

fry bread in the yardMy gramma was one of the best cooks around. She never measured anything. Just eyeballed every ingredient. Dash of this. Pinch of that. Gramma’s house always smelled deelishish. I asked her how to make fry bread…

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