wednesday is a feeling

okay so i got here. it’s wednesday
and i’m halfway there
i can stand here in the middle
behind me are the other days
the struggle days
the days that turned to dark
the shadow days
the days that turn to dust
it gives me hope to think how dust gets caught in the light
floats and reflects the light
it always settles somewhere
am i the dust?
can i just float and reflect the light? 

wednesday is how i feel
i’m halfway there
i’m in the middle
i’m in that in-between place
that place i’ve been searching for
in half-hearted ways
i side-step into wednesday
shuffle along as if it’s a highwire act
hope is slack and sags in the middle
someone needs to wring the wire tauter
so i can continue with this wednesday shuffle
with careful steps and get to the other side
why did i take the first step without
checking and double-checking for safety nets?

wednesday i’m here
how do i feel?
how do you feel?
i know there are only so many minutes in a day
and you’ll go on with or without me
maybe i should just follow
and get over this hump
maybe you can swing me
between the second and minute hands
and i can slide down the hours
into the next day

wednesday i feel you
do you feel me?
this place where we are
this in-between place
is possibly just a place where we ponder
on next steps that take us closer
to a new day

wednesday, you are the promise
i need right now
each moment that passes
i’m becoming wednesday
filled with some kind of hope
yesterday collects light
tomorrow fractures light
bursting into colours unseen

you remind me of light
beauty falls everywhere
it even creates the shadows
that embrace and cradle me
please, just let me go
to take the step forward
into that welcoming place
becoming more light
becoming tomorrow
just becoming less than a hump
to get over
to stand on top
and get a better perspective

wednesday, let’s stand together
at this precipice
call out to all seven directions
claiming a new sovereignty
so others just like us
can reach up
climb up
stand up
because together
we are stronger


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