winter snapshots

Winter transforms everything it touches. Or it captures everything that touches it. This is why I love winter. Before the river is covered with ice and snow, it splashes onto the surface of beached logs, branches, and random muck and freezes over. Water turns to icicles as it drips off limbs. It glistens like it’s varnish.


Winter captures our tracks like the history tab on an internet search engine. If you follow the tracks it will lead you somewhere, some random trail.


These tracks belong to a bike, I think. Whoever is riding this bike loves the winter just as much as I do. But this cyclist loves riding their bike no matter the weather. In fact, they got these treads for more traction in the snow. Those are some phat tires.



Winter bikes. Cyclists prove winter is on trend. Winter is for the adventurer. Awaken the inner adventure seeker. Let them be free.


Winter reminds me that I’m alive. It reminds me to stay warm, dry, and to keep moving. When I’m outside, I don’t stand still. I move. I’m not idle. I have to move or I will freeze. If I freeze, I will surely die. It only feels like I’m gonna die if I get too cold. The shivers shake my body. Hard shakes that are out of control. That’s why I gotta move. Keep moving. Throughout the winter keep moving, keep moving forward.



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