nimkoodaading – happy new year


Just re-blogging a previous post from…. three years ago! And get this, it’s still relevant. Wow! Have fun today!

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Are you ready for this? It’s been about an hour already of being awake. Coffee in the system. Buzzing. Food is there. Lingering on the couch, waiting to be noticed. It’s not really put together proper. It’s in the raw form still, just dreaming of what it could be. Food just wants to be made into something delicious. Food knows it’s gorgeous in it’s raw form with all it’s vibrant colours and sweet/pungent/spicy smells. It’s a new year and it’s just begging to be taken advantage of. What shall I do? First things first. Something good to eat.

Ahhhh… that was refreshing. Do you ever eat something and feel it turning into energy? Or just feel all excited after eating? It’s a lot like life. Every day should be this way. Consume good things and let it fill you up with good energy and excitement. It’s like when I eat pineapples. It lights me up the same way curry does, and wild rice too. There’s something in the molecules that talk to my molecules and they end up having this amazing conversation that’s enlightening and expands into awesomeness.

This happens too when I eat sweets but it’s from the sugar spiking in my system. It lasts for a while but like all pretend good things it all comes crashing down. Beware of the pretend good things. It might look great but what lies behind it might not jive with your molecules. That great conversation might not happen. It will take a wrong turn somewhere and the conversation ends in an eventual collision. I know this from my professional experience. Heed my warning!

It’s that time of year where everyone becomes an advocate for change and/or a prophet. And I will not miss this opportunity to have my two cents.

Perhaps small bites are the trick? Perhaps you taste test it first? And see what happens before you go all in? Because I think we all know what happens when we indulge in something for too long. I’ve got addictive tendencies and need to be aware of the pretend good things. (Candy Crush Saga looks easy but it will easily suck every free life out of you and have you begging all your friends for more lives).

I’ve been living my life with a strong ethic of moderation. Can moderation be an ethic? Is that even possible? Not sure but I made it an ethic. Moderation. Try it this year. Make up some new ethics for yourself.

Nimkoodaading – Happy New Year – Kina Wiya – Everyone

Do good things. Feel good. Eat good things. Feel good. Think good things. Feel good. Find good people to be with. Feel good. Volunteer for good organizations. Feel good. Speak good things. Feel good. Tell good jokes. Feel good. Sing good songs. Feel good.

Do you ever write something over and over again and it starts looking and sounding weird?

Case in point >> good. I just wrote it over and over again and presto! Looks and sounds weird.

This year, oh this wonderful and magical new year! Do with it what you must. Enjoy it!

I’m gonna work on expanding my vocabulary, read more books, write more, learn more anishnaabemowin, and work on this little thing I call my shadow (procrastination). That alone will take all my good energy to get the good things done. Also on my list, mmmmm, good food. Maybe I will become a good cook. My palate is ready.

Nimkoodaading Kina Wiya.